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Pure Empeltre Black Olive Pâté

Brindisa Empeltre black olive pâté has a satisfyingly full flavour – it’s the easy way to add an intense hit of olive to Spanish-style bruschetta.

This Brindisa olive paste is one of the purest olive pastes you can find. Black Empeltre olives are skinned and stoned, then pureed into a smooth paste with just a hint of salt.

For Spanish-style bruschetta, spread slices of toasted bread with a thin layer of the paste. Top with fresh, ripe tomatoes and a small amount of fresh minced garlic. Also try using the black olive paste with white fish such as cod, by combining with chopped tomatoes, garlic and capers for a flavourful fish topping.

Empeltre olives are native to the Spanish region of Aragon and ripen on the trees until late winter, giving athem full, mellow flavour.